Devon Fraser McKenzie


Junior Software Engineer

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About Me

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Skilled in React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON,
express.JS and working on learning Vue.js

Master of gifs and Dad jokes

Software Engineer

Brite Journal

This is a Journal, that as you type, the backgorund becomes light enough to reveal a picture in the background.

Sound Board

I have a friend who is a beat boxer. This is a sound board based on his music.

Resume Website

I built this website for my wife, so she could apply to a few marketing positions.

Live Clock

In case you ever want to know what time it is. I had fun creating this, there are some issues I want to fix, but I threw it up for the point of time.

Portfolio Website

This is the current webiste you are looking at.

Task WIP

I'm working on a project that will help you manage tasks. When I have that up and running, I will have it here

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“Have absolutely loved working with Devon. I admire his ability to jump in with both feet and always work hard. He is very approachable and takes both positive and negative feedback extremely well. He's fun to work with and a great example for everyone around him to aim high and work hard to get there. “

Kim Hemenway,

Manager at NUVI
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“Devon has a zest and positive approach to work that is contagious to everyone around him. Devon displays a consistent ability to manage his time effectively. He brings a unique energy that helps drive himself and his teammates in the right direction.”

Derek Johnson,

Team Lead at NUVI
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“Devon is great to work with. His ability to think outside the box for new ways to succeed has helped him and our company tremendously. He is one of the most energetic people I know. “

Greg Larsen,

Operations at World Tech Academy

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